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Photo By: Chaz D Photography

"Hurricane Safe Haven"

Ross & Erika

Radd Builders had the exciting opportunity to be showcased as one of the primary home builders on the current second season of 100 Day Dream Home. The challenge of the show is to attempt to build a home for a client in less than 100 days. The below floor plan is the custom plan we designed for Ross & Erika, as seen on the episode "Hurricane Safe Haven".

Building a home in 100 days is an incredible scheduling feat. All of the same building inspections are passed and everything is done with the same Radd standards and quality that we require from each of our 'regular speed' homes. We refuse to sacrifice quality in the name of speed. Our Radd team works tirelessly and around the clock to make each of our dream homes a reality. What you see as a part of each of our episodes is an exhaustive effort to coordinate multiple trades and inspections to make the deadline.


Hurricane Safe Haven.png


Photos in Gallery Are the Property of Chaz D Photography and used with permission

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